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How does this work?

  1. Randomly select a section from the list of contents below.
  2. In that section, you will find 5 suggested redirects/disambiguations.
    • Each suggestion will have a link that says "Easy Preview". Clicking this link automatically fills in the description, and the contents of the page, but doesn't save it. You still have to then press the Save button if you want to save the suggestion, but you don't have to type a single thing.
    • Each suggestion will have the name of the page that's being suggested, just to the right of "Easy Preview". If this link is red, then there is nothing at this page currently, so you can add the suggestion, if you agree with it. If this link is blue, then it's probably already been done.
  3. Then please delete from this page any suggestions that you added, or that have already been done (this is to make it easier to see what's still to be done). If there were suggestions that you thought were bad suggestions, then please strike them out, rather than deleting them (and they will then be excluded from future lists).

That's it. Repeat, if you like.

Do not disambiguate[edit]